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Security Awareness Training

Learn about security breaching from a former CIA spy

Delivered through online courses, speaker events or at client sites, this transformational security awareness training program is brought to you by a seasoned professional who spent his career breaching security for a living - former Senior CIA Officer Peter Warmka

Helping Prevent Security Breaches

Founded by former CIA senior intelligence officer Peter Warmka, the Counterintelligence Institute’s mission is to assist your corporations, government offices, academic institutions and non-profit organizations in protecting your sensitive information and personal data records against security breach attempts. Our online and onsite training services focus on transforming the human factor from being the weakest link in security to becoming the most effective defensive tool against security threats against your company and personal life.

Insider Threats

How many of your employees will fall victim today?





“Every organization and their employees would benefit from this outstanding course which empowers employees to take proactive measures in safeguarding proprietary and personal information from attempted security breaches. It is developed and delivered by an intelligence officer who utilized techniques outlined in the course to effectively breach the security of many foreign governmental organizations.”

J David Quilter

Director of Security at four Fortune 500 Companies

“Peter Warmka masterfully delivers a complex topic in a style which is easy to follow and captivating. It is transformational learning at its finest.”

Dan Casey, CISSP

Educator, Webster University




"After taking the entire course, I can confidently state that it far exceeds the quality and breath of any insider threat training course which I have seen during my career. This course should be mandatory for any company serious about cyber security. The real world examples of social engineering will open your eyes to the vulnerabilities of your company but Peter will teach you the tools needed to thwart an adversary.“

Adam M
Security Professional with 20+ years in Federal and Industry Security Experience

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