Security Awareness Training Services

Courses About Security Awareness

Since its initial launch, "Confessions of a Spy - Breaching Security through the Artful Manipulation of Insiders" has become a core resource within client organizations' security awareness training programs.  It is applicable to employees at all levels within an organization and its on demand feature provides maximum flexibility. The course is continuously updated to reflect the ever evolving threats posed by criminal groups, foreign intelligence services and industrial competitors.


Additional online courses are under development and will be available in the near future. If you are interested in the production of a custom online course specifically for your organization, please feel free to contact us.

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On-Site Security Awareness Training

The Counterintelligence Institute frequently provides dynamic onsite workshops for clients. Key teaching points are driven home through the use of interactive practical exercises.  Each workshop is tailored to the specific security environment in which the client organization is operating.

Security Services for Organizations and High Net Worth Families

Business Risk Assessment Audits

We prioritize working with clients who understand the value in undertaking proactive risk mitigation measures rather than waiting until a breach has occurred. Such proactive services include​:

IT Network Assessments

  • Identification of Leaked Information on the Dark Web

    • Locate and neutralize disclosure and black-market sale of sensitive personal information such usernames, passwords, social security numbers and financial account identifiers

  • Embedded Malware Survey

    • Locate, isolate, and neutralize malware which is already embedded in a client’s network by a threat actor(s) for eventual exploitation

  • Business Continuity & Data Back-up

    • Development of a comprehensive plan of action in the event of successful cyber-attack to expediently reestablish operations while minimizing legal liability and damage to reputation.   

Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments

  • Active Shooter and other Physical Threats

    • Protecting lives of employees, contractors, and customers from growing incidents of workplace violence 

  • Red Teaming

    • Discovery of how threat actors can physically penetrate the most sensitive areas of a client’s facility and provision of practical measures to harden their security


Counterintelligence Audits

  • Full TSCM

    • Discover, isolate, and neutralize the presence of existing ease dropping devices deployed against client firm and key decision makers

  • Cell Phone Intercept Detection

    • Identify and physically locate any attempts to intercept sensitive telephone conversations of key personnel

Insider Threat Mitigation Tools

  • Non-contact deception indicator systems for live and recorded video interviews

    • Realtime analysis of micro-facial expressions recorded during video interviews with prospective employees or during internal investigations of current staff    

  • Daily Monitoring Software with Alerts for Out of Pattern Activities 

    • Detection of early warning signs of potentially disruptive behavior

  • Background Investigative Services

    • Verification of information provided, or discovery of significant information withheld by prospective new hires or individuals considered for promotion into higher positions of trust 


Signature Situational Awareness Programs
On Demand Modules/Live Workshops/Ongoing Simulation Training

  • “Confessions of a CIA Spy – The Art of Human Hacking” 

  • “Elicitation and Counter-Elicitation”

  • “Vulnerabilities of Social Media Platforms”

  • “Industrial Espionage”

  • “Overseas Travel Security”

  • “Surviving Kidnapping and Active Shooter Scenarios” 

Customized Retreats for C-Suite and Board of Director Members 

Additional Services to Improve Your Security at Work and Personal Life

  • How to conduct proper background investigations on employees – new hires, promotions and fires

  • Travelling abroad – protecting your officials from being effectively targeted by criminal groups and intelligence organizations

  • How to set up your own social engineering penetration program

  • Probing the world wide web and deep web for disclosure of sensitive information; company and people

  • Social engineering training for the Gatekeepers - receptionists and guard force

  • Counterintelligence training for marketing and sales force

  • How to establish a Competitive Intelligence Unit

  • How high net worth families can mitigate threats

  • Situational and Behavioral Awareness Training

  • Workplace Violence Personal Safety and Security Training