Speaker Testimonials

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Speaker Testimonials


Top Scholars

It was a true pleasure to have Peter speak with our University of Texas at San Antonio Top Scholars during our Scholar Seminar. His presentation was both engaging and informational for our group of undergraduates from all majors. Even in a virtual setting, he was able to connect with our students in a way that had them truly interested in his stories and examples. He was able to make the complicated topic of social engineering into something the students could understand and feel connected to. He is a gifted speaker who is educational and entertaining.

Kristi Meyer
Assistant Dean for Special Programs


The SWAT Club | WhyCI Inc.

"We recently had Peter Warmka speak at India’s first of its kind Counterintelligence & Insider Threat Virtual Conference. Not only was he well received by the global delegates, he was easy to work with. Peter is an insightful, energetic speaker with thought-provoking ideas who did a terrific job with his presentation on Social Media - The New Counterintelligence Playground. His presentation was very inspiring and well crafted for the audience.
Peter was a masterful moderator, too who guided the Panellists through discussions on “How to effectively integrate Intelligence Skills in the Private Sector Counterintelligence Program”. His way of engaging the Panellists left us very impressed!
He was a key component to the grand success of our inaugural conference on Counterintelligence. We highly recommend inviting him to speak at your conference or lead a workshop for your organization."

Heital Yaagnik



"We had the pleasure of having Peter Warmka as a highlight speaker during our recent OSAC Latin America Regional Council conference in Miami.  Peter's presentation on detecting and countering threats related to social engineering and social media was absolutely well received with a full house - standing room only.  Peter's professional presentation is well complemented by his easygoing, affable manner.  We received numerous positive remarks and requests for more.  As a career law enforcement and military special operations officer I have seen many of these presentations.  Peter Warmka's is one I'd gladly see again."

Eduardo Jany
Chairman - Private Sector


Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Central Pennsylvania Chapter

"Mr. Warmka provides an engaging and fascinating journey into the dark world of human hacking and provides frightening insight on how easy it is to manipulate people to acquire sensitive and damaging information on individuals and organizations."

Steven Uhlrich


Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, Mexico 

"Peter's presentation on the vulnerabilities of social media platforms and how they are used by threat actors to breach the security of organizations was a real eye opener for our corporate officials, staff and Board Members.

The use of avatars to approach participants in advance of the event, effectively engaged everyone and demonstrated just how susceptible we can be to social engineering.  As a result, we have invited him back so that more officials benefit by experiencing his unique and impactful message.
Thanks again!"

Sergio Bunin



Florida Association of Governmental Fleet Administrators (FLAGFA)

"Peter’s presentation was just what the attendees needed after a long first day of presentations.  Timely, entertaining, and attention-getting, he kept the audience’s attention with a combination of eye-opening information, humor, and some unwitting participation in the form of a LinkedIn invitation sent out to the group.  Peter’s presentation material was high quality while not distracting from the speaker.  The presentation content sparked questions from a variety of directions.
The suggestion to have Peter out as our Friday keynote was spot-on, very enjoyable and I’d recommend him to any format of conference."


Gary McLean

Vice President

RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange)

"I recently had the distinct pleasure of hosting Peter Warmka, Founder, Counterintelligence Institute, on my Podcast Series, RANE Insights on Security, wherein Peter provided our listeners with his well-honed insights on insider threats. Peter's perspective, developed through years of deep experience on this topic, provided detailed instances of how an insider threat scenario can affect a company and why companies should have programs in place to identify and mitigate this type of risk. Peter leaned on his extensive experience in human behavior and targeting to provide examples of how firms may be at risk in losing their intellectual property to this type of threat.  I found Peter to be a true professional in this area of expertise. "

Brian W. Lynch

Executive Director, Safety + Security

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HR Florida 2020

"Peter delivered two informative and captivating presentations during our annual conference which has become the largest event for human resource practitioners in the State of Florida.  Attendees were literally on the edge of their seats as Peter demonstrated numerous examples of social engineering techniques utilized by spies and other threat actors to breach security.   We hope to get him back for future conferences. "


Jacquie Brooks, SHRM-SCP, SHRM, NCCER Master Trainer
Director of Human Resources, S.I. Goldman Company, Inc.



Central Florida (ISC)2 Chapter

“We had the great pleasure of having Peter present to the (ISC)2 Central Florida chapter and he delivered a fantastic presentation! Through his vast array of stories, he provided a unique perspective on Social Engineering from that of a former CIA intelligence officer.  Social engineering has become a hot topic in the security industry and Peter provides an excellent insight how he has been using it for years all because people post way too much stuff on the internet!"

James McQuiggan
President of the Central Florida (ISC)2 Chapter


Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)

"Peter is a high-quality, impactful speaker who has presented during several of our annual global conferences. Attendee feedback consistently cites Peter as a trusted expert who presents a fascinating topic in an easy to follow, yet dynamic manner. As a result, he remains on our list of coveted repeat speakers."


Laura Hymes, CFE
Program Manager


Association of Retired Dentists

"Our group of retired dentists found your program to be well presented and very timely.  With greater dependence each day on communication technology, awareness of computer security becomes more critical.  We older citizens realize we’re more vulnerable to cyber crimes, and I think everyone in our group had their eyes opened."


Alan Price


Black Pearl Intelligence

"It is one of those rare occasions when you meet someone who effectively delivers a topic both based from vast knowledge and experience; and we are very glad that we had Peter to talk about Insider Threat Intelligence in one of our webinars here in the Philippines.
Peter delivers straight forward, practical, strategic and realistic insights that go across various socio-cultural contexts and political borders.  But one thing that we also really appreciate about his approach is that he makes sure that it will be relevant, relatable thus useful for his audience."

Jefferson Erick Alindogan


Bakewell Public Relations LLC

"As a retired C-suite public relations executive for a major national corporation, I’ve managed my share of crisis communications for security breaches, and learned the importance of awareness, planning and preparation. It’s the nature of PR practitioners to want to trust everyone, but Peter’s “verify then trust” approach is on point in today’s era of cyber warfare. His presentation to members of the Public Relations Society of America was intriguing, informative, and engaging."

Kevin Bakewell


Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)

"Peter’s unique background provided a fresh look at the dangers of social engineering for our ISSA chapter.  He provided many examples of how threat actors deploy a variety of social engineering techniques which bypass technical controls.  All organizations and individuals concerned about safeguarding their data need to hear Peter’s message."

Central Florida ISSA Chapter


ACFE MidSouth Chapter

"Peter’s presentation on Confessions of a Spy: Manipulation of Insiders to Circumvent Ethical Standards was outstanding.  It provided great information on how outsiders get to employees and obtain confidential information.  He was informative, engaging and very knowledgeable on this topic.  I recommend both him and this presentation."

George Mullins
Program Coordinator


Milani Marketing & PR, LLC

“Wow, Peter’s presentation on cybersecurity really opened my eyes to the threats that are out there and that they don’t just affect big companies.  This is the world we live in now, so it’s good to know how to protect your business, your data, and most important – your customers’ data.  Both educational yet entertaining – it’s training but you won’t be bored!”  

Gina Milani


US Police instructor Teams

"I have been teaching members of the judiciary and law enforcement for over two decades, but by far the best, the speaker and instructor that carries the most magnetic of credentials, is Peter Warmka. We have spoken and taught together, specifically in Brazil which has been my focus over the years. Peter is fluent in Portuguese, one of his several languages, as befitting any bemedaled intelligence officer. We had a series of speaking dates set up in major cities of Brazil, all of them were standing room only, but the pandemic changed those plans for this year. But calls are already coming in asking for Peter Warmka and his unique knowledge of Insider Threats. Peter Warmka will instruct you on how to avoid spies like him, an invaluable lesson, knowing that it is coming from a career CIA officer."

Charles Saba


ISACA - Memphis Chapter

"Peter Warmka presented to the ISACA – Memphis Chapter on 11/4/2020 with a program titled “Confessions of a Spy - The Artful Manipulation of Insiders to Breach Security”.  Mr. Warmka used his experience and knowledge as a former CIA operative to show our members how hackers can use research, Social Engineering, and influence to gain access to sensitive information.  He was articulate and was able to weave stories into his presentation to artfully illustrate his points.  We were very pleased to have Mr. Warmka as a speaker and would certainly invite him back to present to our group.  Highly recommended!!"

Brian Baird

Programs Director


Cyber Security Solutions 

“We had the privileged of having Peter be our keynote speaker for the inaugural Cyber Security Summit in West Palm Beach. Peter delighted the attendees with factual and fascinating stories delivered in a unique way that allowed the attendees to draw parallels to their own experiences. Peter is an engaging speaker that provides thoughtful and timely information about the risks associated with social engineering. Peter is a true treasure of a speaker.”

Donna Mattick

Chief of Staff

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