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Feature Social Engineering Online Course

Confessions of a Spy

Learn About Breaching Security Through the Artful Manipulation of Insiders

Online or at client site, this security course is delivered by an intelligence officer who breached security for a living.

In this security breaching course you will learn:

  • Identification of threat actors - their objectives and motivations

  • Target entity selection and initial information collection

  • Criteria for selection of insiders - collection of targeting information

  • Elicitation Techniques

  • Leveraging trust, motivations, vulnerabilities and influence factors for effective manipulation

  • Social engineering attack vectors: phishing, smishing, vishing and face-to-face interaction

  • How entities can mitigate the risk of an attack

  • Application of lessons learned in the employee's personal life

How can this security awareness course benefit organizations?

  • Empowering employees and contractors to actively identify and help shut down security breach attempts before they become successful

  • Mitigating the risk of lost revenue

  • Mitigating the risk of stolen client data which frequently results in damage to the brand as well as legal liability

  • Meeting compliance requires

  • Reduction in insurance costs


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