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Leonotis Leonurus belongs to the mint family members. Other typical names are Wild Dagga or Lion's Tail. It is a perennial hedge belonging to southerly Africa. Flowers are a red-orange shade as well as expand in spikes, their charm is the factor for being a fave of many gardeners. Plants can grow up to nearly 2 meters, like completely dry dirt as well as straight sunlight light. As Perennial outside plant it looks incredible incorporated with Lavander or fall flowering Salvias. It propagates by greenwood cuts in late springtime or through seeds that, in warm climates, should be sown indoors before the last frost or outdoors after the last frost. It si basically insects and illness totally free. L. leonurus favors cozy, dry environments and also is drought-tolerant. It might grow in virtually any type of warm atmosphere consisting of hedge lands, grasslands, and also overload lands. It grows in California, Mediterranean climate areas past South Africa, as well as has ended up being naturalized in Hawaii, Western Australia and also New South Wales in Australia. In standard African medicine, leaves and also origins of leonotis leonurus are a typical remedy for serpent bite and utilized to ease the discomfort of various other pet attacks as well as stings. The preparation of dried fallen leave or root goes in bathroom, or straight as an external wash to treat scratchy skin. Internally, the tea of the dried out leaves is required to treat frustration, respiratory disease, hypertension and also the acute rhinitis. Relaxing, sedative and also a little blissful; the effects are comparable to a cannabis high, only lighter. Some tribe, smokes completely dry fallen leaves as well as blossoms which are said to have narcotic residential properties, prompting a tranquil or euphoric feeling when smoked, which is the reason some call it Wild Dagga ('wild marijuana'). Regardless of being reported to be similar to Cannabis, it's not as potent neither relevant whatsoever. It is one of the most efficient legal organic substitutes to cigarette smoking cigarette or marijuana. Users have actually reported to have experienced signs and symptoms of mild enjoyment, visual impairment, wooziness as well as mood boost. Gather no greater than one-third of the fallen leaves at once. Let the plant expand as well as fill out for at least a month prior to gathering again. In Africa a resin is gathered from the leaves. Plants that expand in much less sizzling environments tend to radiate little or no material. Leaves can either be smoked, or subjected to alcohol removal.



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